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A beautiful red lettuce! With wide fleshy leaves closing the hood. Very resistant to peronospora (HR). It suffers the cold and is cultivated in full range from April to September with collections, in the absence of frost, until December. Also suitable for the cultivation greenhouse in February and March. Pillolated seed

VARIETY PREMIUM CLAUSE - The top of the varieties selected specifically to be:

- Easy to grow
- Productive
- Tasty

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Asteracee-Composite Family

Sowing: from March to July depending on the varieties more or less resistant to heat and to seed-mounted. Under the tunnel: Autumn-Winter.
Transplantation: The transplant in February of 3-4 leaf leaves allows you to save on purchasing hybrid seeds. Cover with non-woven fabric.
Distances: between files 30-35 cm. shoot scalarly on the row at 25-30 cm.
Tips: Variety suitable also for harvesting: it is possible to collect only the outer leaves or the bush when it is well formed.