1192B - FENNEL Romanesco BIO

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Late spring variety, matures in 60-70 days frim transplantation and produces fruits of the weight of 400/500 gr. Very resistant to seed sucking with high quality fruits of round, white and turgescence shape. It prefers high plant density. (Pill Seed)

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FAMILY Apiaceae / Umbelliferae

Sowing: in the ground or in the nursery, in the summer, for consumption in autumn or winter.

Transplantation: When they are manageable distance 45-50 cm. between the rows, 20-25 cm on the row.

Advice: tuck the plants lightly to keep them well and keep white and water with abundance. It is preferable to have a planting climbing plants always well kept.

Seed required: 2-3 gr. per sq. in seedbeds; 25-30gr. for 100 square meters. planted.