2583 - OPALINE

Miscuglio di 27 specie di fiori annuali, nei colori viola, lilla con punte di giallo e rosso che offrono una fioritura armoniosa e duratura. All’inizio foriranno le gipsofile , le centaure e le viperine, quindi i cosmos, l’aneto e le zinnie fino ai primi geli. Si semina in primavera. Altezza: 70 cm, esposizione: sole, mezz’ombra.

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Blends for flowering meadows composed of annual and biennial flower seeds that, from sowing will bloom after 6-8 weeks for 3 months and bloom again the following season. To have a good flowering the following year, at the end of the flowering at the end of September, make the mixture dry and pour the seed, then mow to 10 cm from the ground and collect the resulting material.