With a characteristic taste tending to sweet, rich in mineral salts, iron in particular, and vitamins, they are an excellent substitute for meat. The mix is composed in a balanced way, green mungo, chickpea lentil, pea wheat and red mungo.
Rinse the seed before using it.
Rinse the sprouts thoroughly four or five times before using them. It is an essential operation to eliminate residual germination products, which can sometimes be unpleasant. The shoots will be white, with a more delicate flavor if grown in the dark or green, as they are richer in chlorophyll, if they have been exposed to light after germination.

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Sprouts of health, vitality at the table! Daily consumption of sprouts gives health, strength, beauty, and slows the aging process. Choose from among the species proposed here those which, thanks to their properties, can have a beneficial effect on your health or simply because they satisfy your palate. "Select the varieties most suited to your health. Discount scale: From 1 to 9 packs of your choice € 2.80 / each From 10 to 24 packs of your choice € 2.55 / each From 25 packs of your choice € 2.35 / each You will find the discount in your cart based on the quantity ordered!