1007/B - BASIL -FINISSIMO VERDE A PALLA- (Greek basil )

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Also named "Greek Basil" this is the most astonhishing bush basil variety we can offer. The bush basil belongs to Ocymum minimum and not to Ocymum basilicum as sweet basil does. It differentiates from sweet basil for the very small, thin leaves and very branched vine.
Our refined strain "Finissimo verde a palla" forms a perfectly globed bush, so perfect that looks to be pruned. The bush can reach cm. 50-70 in diameter and the leaves are very small, thin and strongscented. It is to be shown in warm greenhouse in March with 1 gr/sq.m. and transplanted in Aprile-May outdoors, keeping cm. 70/80 apart among plants, or in cm. 15/20 pots.
In sunny, warm positions it grows very quickly and reaches its complete development after only 90 days.
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