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Super selected variety of "classic Genovese basil" without peppermint flavor. Medium compact plant, large leaves slightly wavy spoon-shaped, dark green; intensely fragrant and carefully selected "no smell of mint." Ideal for the preparation of "pesto" Genovese; is used as an ornamental and aromatic for its sweet and delicate scent. Early growing season in mid-late bloom. Suited to temperate climates, because no frost resistance; It can be grown indoors, under glass, outdoors.


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Sowing: in seed indoors in winter, outdoors from May with warm ground, 1.5 mm. of depth. Transplantation: in pots or in the ground when the plants can be handled; outdoors in May. Distances: 25-35 cm between plants. depending on the vigor. Tips: full sun, abundant watering, well-drained soil. Seed required: 1 gr. of seeds per 1 sq. Seedling.