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Hybrid of the yellow Nantese type. Medium ripening cycle. Root length: 18-20 cm

Intense and bright yellow color even inside with an excellent sweet flavor and good crunchiness; plant with erect, vigorous and healthy leaves. Good tolerance to over-ripening. Optimal investment: 1.5-1.8 mil. seeds / ha. IR resistors: Ad / Ar / Cc


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Apiacee / Umbellifere family
Sowing: planted from late winter to mid-summer, gradually for a continuous harvest; the last sowing yields carrots that can be kept for the winter. Under tunnels it is possible to sow from October to February.
Distances: between rows 30 cm, thin out to 5-10 cm on the row.
Advice: grow in loose soil. Tuck slightly and cover with non-woven fabric to avoid greening of the root and infestation of the carrot fly.
Seed required: 20-30 g per 100 square meters of land.