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Sowing: in seedbeds at 20-23 °C in March-April.
Distances: cm 30 apart.
Harvesting: in late Spring.
This variety produces flavorful, deep red strawberries, bigger than the wild ones but much smaller than the standard type. Plant has a compact habit.
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Sowing Time: February to June, according to the climate. In seedbeds, with grafting from September to March.

Seed required: gr. 1 for 1 sqm. Seedling.

Distances: 40-50 cm. between rows and 30-40 cm. down the line.

Practical tips: sow on soft ground and well cleaned, covering very little seed. The soil should be kept cool with light Water or water spray. After about 25 days the seeds will sprout. When the seedlings have 3 or 4 leaves, transplant into flower beds fertilized with manure mature. From sowing to transplant usually they spend 50 to 70 days. The culture lasts 3-5 years, then has to be renewed.