1547 - MELON HYBRID F1 -DIONYSIO- professional seeds

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Extra thick netted rind with evident ribs. Deep orange sweet and scented flesh.


HR( high resistance): Fusarium wilt of melon race 0,1,2 (FOM 0,1,2).

IR (intermediate resistance): Powdery mildew (Gc/Px:1,2)

VARIETY PREMIUM CLAUSE - The top of the varieties selected specifically to be:

- Easy to grow
- Productive
- Tasty

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Sow: from April to May, 3-4 seeds per hole to 2 cm. depth, directly in the ground, when the ground is at least at 20 ° C, or in March-April in jars indoor crop early. Transplantation: outdoors in late April-early May, after the frost. Distances: between rows m. 1.5-2.5, on row m. 0.8-1.5, depending on the vigor. Tips: let every little hole in a single plant; trim the main jet above the fourth leaf and proceed the same way with brash side. Rotate it as long as possible, but no later grow solanaceous and not after species of the same family. Seeds required: 50-70 gr. for 100 square meters. of land, according to variety.