1690/B - BEET - DETROIT 2 - BIO

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Medium-early variety. spherical root with bright red pulp. Adaptable to any climate but prefers temperate ones. Good resistance to cold climates.

Sowing: in open field from March to July.

Distances: 30-40 cm between rows and 10-15 cm on the row.

Seed dose: 12-15 kg per hectare to a depth of 8-10 mm.

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Sowing: leave to soak seeds in warm water overnight before sowing planting, stepwise, from February to July, 2-3 seeds per hole.
Distance: 30-40 cm between rows. thin out to 10-15 cm on the row leaving a little hole for the plant.
Tips: start consuming stepwise, thinning, when the root is large 4-5 cm.
Collect to maturity for winter consumption, retaining the root as the potatoes, after removing the leaves.
Seed need: 150-200 gr. For 100 square meters. of land.