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yellow skin, pale yellow flesh. Tuber oval. Early variety. Suitable for any kind of preparation in the kitchen

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Sowing: The varieties we have selected are certified. Important And still make a rotation of four years and not planting in a ground where before it was Stata Another cultivated Solanaceae, or it FOLLOW More Solanaceae. A rotation may be: potatoes, legumes, Brassicaceae, other vegetables. Deep in furrows 10 cm. s'interrano whole tubers or Cut a goal, if rather large, a nice winter-early spring. In southern Italy You can anticipate a winter destination.

Distances: The Early varieties rather distance 60-70 cm. Among the mail file 30 cm. On the row. The late 70-80 cm. Among the mail file 40 cm on row.

Tips: The Best Lands are loose, fresh, Deep, fertilized (good FERTOFIT Garden and fruit). WHEN The Bud and Alto 5-10 cm, eliminate weeds and tuck in the soil to a height of 30-35 cm. to AVOID the greening of tubers. A complete maturation stems and leaves begin to turn yellow. If necessary, carry out treatments with insecticides Specific low toxicity.

Seed required: 20 to 25 kg of tubers per 100 square meters of land. Optimal conditions in The Collection will run from May to September. Harvest CAN vary from 300 to 400 kg. for 100 square meters.