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Red and white pasta peel. Tuber rounded oval. semi-early variety. Suitable for all culinary uses.


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Sowing: The varieties selected by us are certified. It is important however to make a rotation of four years and not planting in a ground where before it had been cultivated another Solanaceae, or have it followed by other Solanaceae. A rotation would be: potatoes, legumes, brassicas, other vegetables. In deep furrows 10 cm. s'interrano whole tubers or cut in half, if rather thick, in late winter-early spring. In Southern Italy it is anticipated in mid-winter.

Distances: The early varieties rather distance 60-70 cm. between rows and 30 cm. on the row. Late 70-80 cm. between rows and 40 cm on the row.

Tips: The best soils are loose, fresh, deep, fertilized (good FERTOFIT vegetable and fruit). When the shoot is high 5-10 cm, eliminate weeds and tuck in the soil to a height of 30-35 cm. to avoid the greening of tubers. A fully ripe stems and leaves begin to turn yellow. If necessary, carry out treatments with low toxicity insecticides specific.

Seed required: 20 to 25 kg of tubers per 100 square meters of land. Under optimal conditions the collection will run from May to September. The crop can vary from 300 to 400 kg. for 100 square meters.