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Ancient aromatic plant; the most tender flowers and leaves can be eaten in salads, cooked in soups or ragù; as an accompaniment to roasts or in liqueurs. Sowing: March-April

  Hyssop has flavoring, digestive, carminative, balsamic, diuretic properties. It is also an excellent melliferous plant.

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Hyssop has been known since ancient times with the name of "Erba della purificazione" or "Erba sacra" since, at one time, it was used in bunches as an aspersorio. It has a bushy habit and a height varying from 50 to 80 cm. The flowers appear in summer, varying in color from blue to violet or rarely from white to pink. The whole plant has a strong, aromatic smell and a pungent taste.

Hyssop grows easily on almost all soils, but prefers light limestone and well exposed ones; it adapts to various climates including the driest ones. It shuns moisture and stands up well to low temperatures.