1793 - ONION - HY F1 - EUCLIDE

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Long day variety, medium cycle for the fresh market, suitable for winter sowing from the end of January for harvesting at the end of July/August. The color is red/purple and the shape of the bulb is a spinning top with a medium-large size. Good uniformity and high resistance to burns and excellent shelf life (7-8 months). Exceptional flavor, excellent even raw!

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Sowing and transplanting: in full ground or in a seedbed, transplanting the seedlings when they are 10-15 cm tall. Short day variety: sowing in summer-autumn, transplanting in September-October, harvesting in early spring-early summer. Long-day variety: planted in February-March; in seedbed in December-February, transplant in March-April,
harvested in summer. These are the varieties to be preserved for consumption in autumn-winter.

Distances: between rows 20-40 cm., on the row 15-20 cm.
Advice: when the leaves of onions for winter consumption have yellowed, uproot the bulb and leave it to dry on the ground in full sun for 5-7 days.

Store in a dry and ventilated place.

Growing onions in rows alongside parsley or celery helps keep the onion fly away.

Seed needed: 3 g in seedbed. per m2; planted 40-50 gr. for 100 m2.