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Assortment of different species and varieties specially combined to obtain a mixture of different flavors, colors, and exceptional fragrance. Early, it is harvested by cutting the leaves near the ground, about a month after sowing. Reverses quickly, so it is possible to make at least 3-4 successive cuts. CONTAINS:

Sugar Loaf Chicory

Chicory Palla Rossa 3

Lettuce red salad bowl

Romanesca endive for cutting

Slow to whip lettuce

Curly leaf lettuce

Minutina - star grass

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Asteraceae-Composite family Sowing: planted from March to July, depending on the varieties resistant to heat and to seeded. Under tunnels in autumn-winter, broadcast or in rows. Distance: between rows 30 cm, on the row thin out to 10-15 cm. Advice: for harvesting, cut all the leaves leaving about 1-2 cm of stem, clean up and water. They can be sown in boxes for balconies, in the greenhouse, in the vegetable garden. Seeds needed. 150-200 g per 100 sqm of land.