1639 - ONION -HY F1 - THE QUEEN-

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Long day variety for fresh market, suitable for winter sowing from late January to harvest at the end of July / August. The shape of the bulb is glossy and the caliber is medium to large. Excellent preservability and resistance. Great flavor, great even raw!
Resistances: (IR) Pt (Pyrenochaeta terrestris).

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Sow and transplant: at home or in semen, transplanting seedlings when they are 10-15 cm high. Short-day varieties: planting in summer-autumn, transplantation in September-October, harvesting beginning spring-early summer. Variety of long days: dwelling in fever; in semen in December-February, transplantation in March-April,
collected in summer. They are the varieties to be stored for consumption in the fall-winter.

Distances: between 20-40 cm., On the 15-20 cm row.
Advice: When the onions of winter onions are yellowed, grind the bulb and let it dry on the ground in small-sized seeds for 5-7 days.

Store in a dry place.

Seed: seedling 3 gr. per square meter; at home 40-50 gr. for 100 sqm.