1714 - ONION MONTORESE (Ramata rosa)

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Special selection of an ancient variety with a medium-early cycle for spring sowing and harvest at the end of July. The bulb has a large, slightly flattened round shape. Coppery color, light red wine tending to pink. Very sweet taste. The thick and consistent tunics make it suitable for any type of cooking.

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Sowing and transplanting: at home or in seedbeds, transplanting the seedlings when they are 10-15 cm high. Short day variety: sowing in summer-autumn, transplanting in September-October, early spring-early summer harvest. Long day variety: planted in February-March; in seedbeds in December-February, transplant in March-April,
harvest in summer. These are the varieties to be kept for consumption in autumn-winter.

Distances: between the rows 20-40 cm., On the row 15-20 cm.
Advice: when the leaves of the onions for winter consumption are yellowed, remove the bulb and let it dry on the ground in full sun for 5-7 days.

Store in a dry and ventilated place.

Growing onions in rows alongside parsley or celery helps keep the onion fly away.

Seed needed: in seedbed 3 gr. per square meter; at home 40-50 gr. for 100 sqm.