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(Seed in pills) A true little gem of Roman lettuce which stands out for its high resistance to diseases! Plant suitable for cultivation all year round with good vigor and rusticity. Excellent holding in the field and when rising to seed.

The external color is bright green, the heart is very full and a beautiful yellow when ripe. The leaf is very thick, sweet and crunchy. The leaves of the "Little Gem" lettuce can be eaten raw or cooked and it can also be grown in pots on the balcony. Coming late December 2023

Resistors: HR Bl:32EU/Fol:1 IR LMV:1

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Asteraceae-Composite family

Sowing: depending on the variety, planted or in a seedbed.
Transplant: keep the collar at ground level, not buried, at a distance of 35-45 cm between the rows and 25-35 cm on the row.
Advice: pick the head just before it is completely ripe: it will be sweeter.
Seeds needed: in seedbeds 2 g per m2, when planted 20-30 g per 100 m2.