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Sungreen cherry tomatoes can be used among varieties of multicolored cherry tomatoes to create a colorful and delicious dish, such as a caprese salad or pasta. They are excellent fresh for a quick and tasty snack, ideal for garnishing a homemade pizza.

Fun Fact: The biggest challenge for the Sungreen cherry was the skepticism about the unusual green color, which is largely associated with unripe fruit. However, thanks to their deliciously sweet taste, the coloring was appreciated and thus did not become its deterrent. Cherry tomatoes are an excellent source of vitamin C and vitamin A. Moreover, thanks to their high levels of vitamin B and potassium, they are effective in reducing cholesterol levels and lowering blood pressure. So they can help prevent heart attacks, strokes and other heart problems.



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Sow in the nursery and continue with the transplant in the open field


It is important to avoid cold periods and to guarantee the plant an excellent dose of light.

Key points for success:

Plant that loves high temperatures
Irrigate and fertilize in the right doses to reduce the risk of split fruit


Harvesting of the single fruit when the stylus tip changes color
Yellow - Green (Sungreen)
Pink - Red (Sunpeach)