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(Original holland seed).
Straight deep green pods around cm 18 long and mm 7-8 in diameter. White seeded variety with fleshy and stringless fruits. Maturity: 63-64 days. Resistant to common diseases.
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Legume family / Papilionaceae Sowing: directly to dwell only when the temperature has stabilized on values above 10 ° c; in practice starting from March in Southern regions and elsewhere from April. Seed can be scalars until June so you can harvest beans at different times. The cultural cycle varies from 2 to 3 months. Seeds required: 2-2,5 kg. For 100 square meters of land. Distances: sown in distant rows 40/50 cm. burying 3-4 seeds 20/25 cm distant along the rows. The seed should be buried 2-3 cm. Fertilization: the beans grow well in fertile soils that have been fertilized with organic fertilizers only the year before sowing. Avoid using unripe manure. Useful advice: it is advisable to slightly tilt the soil around the plants so as to form longitudinal furrows.