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(original French seed) Very fine grained variety, white with green pods rights round section, thin, dark green and 12cm long. The plant, 45 / 50cm high is solid and well structured and early (ca. 62 days after sowing). The weight of 1000 seeds is ca. 160gr. It has good resistance to bean common mosaic, anthracnose and field good resistance to bean rust. Professional variety that will delight even the amateur gardeners.

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Legume family / Papilionaceae Sowing: directly to dwell only when the temperature has stabilized on values above 10 ° c; in practice starting from March in Southern regions and elsewhere from April. Seed can be scalars until June so you can harvest beans at different times. The cultural cycle varies from 2 to 3 months. Seeds required: 2-2,5 kg. For 100 square meters of land. Distances: sown in distant rows 40/50 cm. burying 3-4 seeds 20/25 cm distant along the rows. The seed should be buried 2-3 cm. Fertilization: the beans grow well in fertile soils that have been fertilized with organic fertilizers only the year before sowing. Avoid using unripe manure. Useful advice: it is advisable to slightly tilt the soil around the plants so as to form longitudinal furrows.