1709 - LETTUCE - ICEBERG 3 -

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Late variety. Excellent selection of the well known ICEBERG, forms a nice big cap, tightly closed with very crunchy blond leaves. Sow in seedbeds from March to June and in the open ground from April to July. Transplant May-July and harvest between June and November.

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Asteraceae family - Composite

Sowing: in rows at home or in seedbeds from January to September, depending on the varieties more or less resistant to heat and to whipped seed. Under tunnels in late autumn-winter.
Transplant: it is done when the seedlings have 3-4 leaves and allows you to save on the purchase of seeds of hybrid varieties. Cover with non-woven fabric.Distances. 35-45 cm between rows, 25-35 cm across the row.

Advice: do not bury the collar of the seedlings, irrigate regularly, favoring drainage.
Seeds required: in seedbeds about 2 g per square meter. planted 25-30 g per 100 sqm.