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(Solanum aethiopicum) It is a close relative of the purple aubergine with a round shape, small size and a beautiful red-orange color given by the increase in the content of carotene during ripening. It is sown at the end of March, transplanted from the second week of May to mid-June and begins harvesting in July. They are consumed like common aubergines.

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Family Solanaceae

Sowing: indoors from January to March, according to the areas and earliness of the variety.
Transplant: in an 8 cm pot when it is manageable. outdoors when the ground is very warm and there is no risk of frost, with earthen bread.
Distances: 70-90 cm between rows, 60-70 cm on the row.
Advice: earth up, possibly tie the plants to a support, remove part of the axillary shoots and pick the fruit before it hardens, therefore still sweet and without seeds. Carry out a rotation of no less than 4 years, do not precede or follow it with species of the same family (tomatoes, aubergines).
Seed needed: 3g per 1 m2 of seedbed.