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The CAROLINA REAPER chili pepper is the hottest in the world, reaching an average spiciness of 1,570,000 Scoville units, with peaks of 2,200,000 units. It is red in color when ripe and has an end that resembles a scorpion's tail; it is the result of the cross between the Pakistani Naga Morich and the Red Habanero. It takes about 90 days to mature and reach a length of 3 to 5 cm. Despite its extreme spiciness, it offers a fruity and slightly sweet flavour, with hints of cinnamon and chocolate followed by a spiciness that develops in a few seconds and persists for a few minutes.

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The Carolina Reaper pepper belongs to the Solanaceae family

It is sown indoors in a seedbed from January to March, depending on the area and the earliness of the variety.

The transplant takes place when the seedling is manageable, it is transplanted into an 8 cm pot and kept indoors. transplant outdoors when the soil is warm and there is no risk of frost.

Distances. 70-90 cm between rows, 30-50 cm on the row depending on the size of the fruit. Advice. Lightly earth up the plants. Carry out a rotation of at least 4 years and do not plant before or after other species of the same family and not after cauliflowers.
Seed required: 3 g per 1 m2 of seedbed.