This pumpkin is an ancient variety historically cultivated in Mantua with a turban shape made up of two layers. It weighs from 2 to 4 kg with firm and dry orange pulp, not very fibrous and therefore perfect for fillings, risottos and gnocchi. Vigorous plant with long shoots. It is harvested when the leaves dry and at least 50% of the peduncle is lignified. It can also be kept for 10 months!

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1 small packet (20 seeds)
50 seeds
100 seeds
500 seeds
1000 seeds

Sowing: indoors in February-March, 2-3 seeds per pot for early harvesting; planted outdoors in April-May, 3-4 seeds per hole.

Transplant: outdoors in April-May; leave one plant per hole when the plants have 3-4 leaves.

Distance: between rows m. 2 and m. 1- 1.5 on the row.

Tips: at the beginning of cultivation, trim the stem above the third leaf and the lateral shoots above the fourth leaf. The pumpkins are picked with a few centimeters of stem and left to dry for a few days in the sun; they can also be stored for several months without deteriorating.

Seeds needed: 100 gr. for 100 m2. of land.