10043 - CHICORY - PALLA DI FUOCO ROSSA - tape seeds

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Sowing: in seedbeds.
Distances: cm 25-30 in rows and cm 30-40 between rows.

This attractive variety forms a round, heart shaped, firm heads. Leaves are red with white veins, well folded and crunching. Very early maturity.

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10043 - 10 meter tape
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Tapes are made with extra light and biodegradable paper, mt. 5/10 long with regularly and predeterminated spaced seeds. Different varieties of seeds with high germination rates.Tapes in wet soil will completely dissolve without hampering germination and will favour the right humidification of the seeds by absorbing water from the soil.


  • - mark out furrows at cm 1-1,5 in depth keeping the right distances.
  • - Put the tape in the furrow covering with the residual soil

  • - Roll slightly and irrigate well


  • - sowing will be simpler and faster

  • - you won’t need sowing machine

  • - there will be no waste of seeds

  • - rows will be more uniform

  • - your vegetable garden will look tidy

  • - every activity will be easier (treatments, cropping etc).