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Datterino tomato - Indeterminate plant, vigorous but open with well-designed flower clusters; early ripening cycle. Medium distance between internodes. Deep red date-shaped berries, with an average weight of 15 g. High degree of sweetness and excellent flavor. Appreciated both as a fresh product and for the creation of excellent sauces. Tolerance Vs pathogens: Tmv, Ve, Fol 0.

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Family Solanaceae Sowing in the ground or in seedbeds. The availability of precocious varieties and suitable for growing indoor allows sowing for a long period of the year. Generally, it is sown in seedbeds in late winter-early spring. Transplanting: Once the plant is manageable, transplant it into pots of 8 cm to help the formation of good roots and gets planted in late April-early May outdoors. In very hot areas, for a late harvest, you can plant outdoors in June. Distance: for growing family: between rows 60-90 cm, 45-60 cm on the row. Tips: do not grow tomatoes in the same position before four years and not be preceded or followed by other Solanaceae. Remove all lateral shoots when they are 3 cm long, remove all leaves below the lowest stage of fruits. Indeterminate varieties require mandatory Supports high. Seed needed: about 3g per square meter of seedbed; 15-20 g per 100 square meters planted. PLANT DETERMINED: backups are not essential PLANT INDETERMINED: needs support.