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Variety obtained from the crossing between the ecotypes of the Amalfi Coast. Fruits almost without seeds, fleshy, with pink coloring on the dye and red vinified to ripening. An indefinite, rustic and vigorous plant that produces many glittery, slightly crunchy fruits of 250-300 grams and more. The tomatoes retain their consistency for a long time even after maturation. Exceptional flavor. Suitable for greenhouse and full field cultivation.

Resistances: ToMV, Va, Vd, Fol: 0.1

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Dear customers!
Recall that the term Hybrid (Hybrid F1) is unrelated to any event of genetic modification, its crops are healthier and even more abundant.

Family Solanaceae

Sowing in the open or in seedbeds. The availability of variety precocious variety and suitable for indoor growing allows sowing for a long period of the year. Generally it is sown in seedbeds in late winter-early spring.
Transplanting: Once the plant is manageable, transplant it into pots of 8 cm to help the formation of good roots and plant them in late April-early May outdoors. In very hot areas, for a late harvest, you can plant outdoors in June.
Distance: for growing family: between rows 60-90 cm, 45-60 cm in row.
Seed needed: about 3g per square meter of seedbed; 15-20 g per 100 square meters planted.


PLANT DETERMINED: backups are not essential
PLANT INDETERMINED: needs support.