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Plant with a very early development, it produces uniform fruits with an average weight of kg. 1.7-1.9. Superior commodity quality thanks to the perfect balance between sugars, water and fibers of its pulp. Excellent organoleptic characteristics with intense yellow pulp, high degree of brix, aromatic with well balanced taste. Good productivity and adaptability to various soil and climatic conditions.

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Sowing: indoors in February-March, 2-3 seeds per jar for early harvest; outdoors in April-May planted, 3-4 seeds per hole.

Transplant: outdoors in April-May; leave one plant per hole, when the plants have 3-4 leaves.

Distance: between rows m. 2 and m. 1- 1.5 on the row.

Advice: at the beginning of cultivation, trim the stem above the third leaf and the lateral shoots above the fourth leaf. Pumpkins are picked with a few centimeters of stem and left to dry for a few days in the sun; they can also be kept for several months without deteriorating.

Seeds required: 100 gr. for 100 sqm. of land.