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Medium-early variety with 70-75 cm tall plants and bined pods. Each pod, 9cm long and slightly pointed, contains 8-10 seeds dark green, very sweet and tasty. Variety is suitable for the garden family and for the fresh market or freezed. 1000 seeds weigh 180-200 grams.

Resistances: Fusarium Oxysp. Race 1, Powdery Mildew, Fusarium Root

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PEAS (Family Faseolacee) Sowing: in October-November in temperate areas where temperatures do not drop below -8 ° C. In March-April everywhere. The peas grow also with temperatures of 5 ° C. Sow into files in the open field. Distances: highly variable depending on the vigor of the variety: between rows 45-60 cm for dwarf varieties; 70-20 cm for the climbing varieties, 5-20 cm on the row. Advice: tuck in the developed plants and put adequate support to climbing varieties. Wrinkled varieties are more resistant to storage, while those with smooth grain must be harvested immediately as soon as they arise. It is recommended to scale the sowing in order to have a product that is always fresh. Seeds required: kg. 1.5-2 per 100 square meters.