1297/B - LEEK - DE CARENTAN 2 - organic

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Traditional variety, early in maturity. Big and tender leeks with a good scent. Resistant to frost.
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Confezione 1 cartoccio (seme sufficiente per un orto per 4 persone)
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family Liliaceae Sowing indoor in January-February; in the ground from early spring to May to June depending on the climate. Transplantation: when the seedlings have a diameter of 0.5 cm, in holes about 15 cm. Distances. Between rows 30 cm, 15-20 cm on the row. Tips: after transplanting irrigate with plenty of water. In the rotation can take the place of potatoes or peas first ripe. They can stay in the open throughout the winter. Seed required: 2-3 g per 1 square meter of seedbed.