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Medium cycle hybrid of Roman type. Upright plant with excellent vigor and very productive. Fruit approx. 18 cm, cylindrical with well pronounced medium green ribs. Suitable for greenhouses and open fields. Persistent flower. Resistors: PX, GC, ZYMV

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Cucurbitaceae family Sowing: indoors in February-March, 2-3 seeds per jar for early harvest. Outdoors, planted, in April-May 3-4 seeds per hole. They do not germinate if the soil temperature does not approach around 20 ° C. Transplant: outdoors in April-May, thin out leaving one plant per hole when the plants have 3-4 leaves. Distances: between rows 1-1.5 m, on rows 0.8-1 m. Advice: irrigate abundantly otherwise mainly male flowers are formed. Harvest daily or every 2-3 days when the flower at the apex of the fruit begins to close. The more the fruit enlarges, the more it loses its characteristic taste. Cultivate in soil very rich in organic matter and do not cultivate after Solanaceae or plants of the same family of cucurbits. Seed required: 50-60 g per 100 square meters of land.