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Medium-early cycle yellow pepper of the "square d'Asti" type with quadrilobed fruits, very regular with thick walls and high specific weight. Compact, very rustic and well covering plant. Equipped with excellent productivity that extends over time even in the most difficult conditions.

Resistors: HR / IR: TMV, Xcv, TSWV.


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Sowing: indoors in seedbeds from January to March, depending on the area and the precocity of the variety. Transplant: when the plant is manageable, it is transplanted into an 8 cm pot. and is still kept indoors; transplant outdoors when the soil is warm and there is no risk of ice cream. Distance: 70-90cm. between the rows, 30-50 cm. on the row depending on the size of the fruit. Advice: tuck the plants up slightly. Seeds required: 3 gr. for 1 sqm. of seedbed