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Interspecific hybrid, born from wild species that gives him a strong and bitter taste as well as transmitting tolerance towards some pathologies such as rusty and stem-like, while maintaining excellent caliber and productivity.
The green-violet shoots have a medium-large size if grown with a density of 25 thousand plants / ha, if instead the plant consists of 35 to 40 thousand plants / ha, the shoot becomes slightly finer making it look more like a wild asparagus. It is a unique asparagus of its kind, very versatile in the kitchen thanks to its strong aroma and excellent flavor.

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Periodo di semina: da marzo a luglio, secondo il clima

Come si semina: di solito in semenzaio, poi si trapianta

Seme occorrente: gr.5 circa per 1 mq di semenzaio

Distanze: 1 metro tra le file e 25/30 cm lungo le file

Consigli pratici: trapiantare da novembre a marzo.