1489 - EGGPLANT HYBRID F1 -Morella-

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Vigorous and upright habit. Mid-early maturity.
Cylindrical fruits cm 20-22 long with an average weight of gr. 250-350.
Bright black fruits with green calyx. White flesh with few seeds.
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family Solanaceae Sowing: Indoor January to March, depending on the area and of the variety. Transplantation: in jar of 8 cm when it is manageable. Outdoor when the ground is hot and there is no risk of frost, with root ball. Distances: 70-90 cm between rows, 60-70 cm on the row. Advice: tuck, possibly tie the plants to support, remove a part of the axillary buds and pick the fruit before it hardens, then still sweet and seedless. Make a rotation of not less than 4 years, not precede it or follow from species of the same family (tomatoes, eggplant). Seed needed: 3g per 1 sq.m. Seedling.