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Medium-low plant, contained with dark green leaves. Very spicy and aromatic fruits with an erect bearing, spicy, small, of a glossy light green color, which becomes an intense red when fully ripe. It is harvested in August and September. It can be grown in pots both for consumption and as an ornamental plant

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family Solanaceae

Sowing: Indoor in seedbeds from January to March, depending on the area and earliness of the variety.

Transplant when the seedling is manageable into pots of 8 cm and is still held indoors. transplant outdoors when the ground is hot and there is no risk of frost. Distances. 70-90 cm between the rows, 30-50 cm on the row according to the size of the fruit.

Tips. Tuck the plants lightly. Make a rotation of at least four years and not before or after planting other species of the same family and not after the cauliflower. Seed needed: 3 g per 1 square meter of seedbed.