1478 - HOT PEPPER -ETNA- (Capsicum frutescens)

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(Capsicum frutescens). This variety produces bright red fruits in cluster avg. cm 2,5-3,5 long. Resistant to common diseases: TMV(0), PVY and N. Erect compact and determinate habit. Used also as ornamental in pots and gardens.
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family Solanaceae Sowing: Indoor in seedbeds from January to March, depending on the area and earliness of the variety. Transplant when the seedling is manageable into pots of 8 cm and is still held indoors. transplanted outdoors when the ground is hot and there is no risk of frost. Distances. 70-90 cm between the rows, 30-50 cm on the row according to the size of the fruit. Tips. Tuck the plants lightly. Make a rotation of at least four years and not before or after planting other species of the same family and not after the cauliflower. Seed needed: 3 g per 1 square meter of seedbed.