It's the year 1789

The first nursery occupies a vast area in the open countryside in the area that is now Central Station.

Here, the Ingegnoli family begins cultivating highly selected fruit and ornamental plants. Gradually, they start producing vegetable, flower, and especially meadow seeds. Alongside these activities, they immediately recognize the importance of research work and, with the collaboration of the best Italian botanists, excel in genetic selection and the production of cereals, including some forage species. The business quickly becomes successful.

In 1884

In 1884, the three brothers Francesco, Vittorio, and Paolo - sons of Dr. Antonio, Magistrate - transform the floriculture business into the: "Società commerciale in nome collettivo Fratelli Ingegnoli", founding one of the first agro-botanical establishments in Europe. Based on innovative technologies, the new business aims to efficiently meet the needs of growers and gardeners, both professionals and amateurs, offering the best possible quality. The company, headquartered in Milan at Corso Loreto, 45 (now Corso Buenos Aires, 54), becomes known throughout Italy and the world for its new botanical and horticultural varieties created exclusively with the assistance of renowned international botanists.

In 1890, catalog No. 85 of mail-order sales is released, which today, more than 100 years later, represents a significant part of the company's turnover. Currently, over 200,000 customers can order its products through a fully computerized mail-order service.

Until the middle of the last century, the technical direction for the horticultural production of the company is located in Cologno Monzese on an area of over 700 Milanese perches, equivalent to about 50 hectares of land. All of this is still, to this day - in the sixth generation of the Ingegnoli family - an unparalleled reality in the world of seed and plant production and marketing.

The Ingegnoli were the first to import from distant Japan the Kaki, whose spread was immediate; an 1888 letter from Maestro Giuseppe Verdi to the Ingegnoli Brothers thanked them for sending some fruits obtained from the first plants produced in the nursery.

In 1997, the new facility at Via Oreste Salomone, 65 in Milan (Mecenate area) becomes operational. Available to all customers, wholesalers, and individuals, it offers ample space for loading and unloading goods with fast and efficient supply systems.

That same year, Fratelli Ingegnoli inaugurates the "Giardino di Viale Pasubio" where customers and enthusiasts can find all the products offered in the catalog, visiting the exhibition at their leisure thanks to the large private parking available to them. In this new store, customers can find everything they need for easy and enjoyable gardening, from potted ornamental plants to fruit trees, seeds to pesticides, and even "special" bonsai and all the essential equipment for practical and functional maintenance of small, medium, and large green spaces.

In 2000

In 2010, in Milan, the new large garden center in Via O. Salomone 68, right in front of the headquarters, becomes operational. Organized on an area of over 6,500 square meters, it has 800 square meters of greenhouses and ample parking.

To complete the range of services offered, Fratelli Ingegnoli provides customers with a Technical Office of the "Garden Architecture" section, consisting of an efficient team of technicians and experts capable of solving any problem related to the horticultural and floricultural sector, including the design of terrace and garden furnishing solutions more suitable for individual needs.

It is worth mentioning that the "mission" of Fratelli Ingegnoli is to spread the passion for greenery, with a continuous and constant search for the best quality at the most accessible prices, respecting nature and ensuring the maximum satisfaction of its customers. The research for new and improved varieties never stops. Through the participation of the best specialists in plant genetics, the company continues to produce vegetable seeds capable of meeting the demands of a constantly evolving market.

Despite becoming one of the most well-known companies in the industry both in Italy and abroad, the working method and values of the Ingegnoli Family have remained unchanged over time. Availability, loyalty, friendliness, and dialogue with customers allow the company to maintain a direct and personal relationship with each of them.